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What is so special about Outdoor Fridges

What is so special about Outdoor Fridges?

The outdoor fridge we install will always need to tick three boxes: look great, have ample storage space and be at least IP4 rated or above. Beefeater and Bull models of outdoor fridges tick all these. In this article we will explain what to look out for and how to withstand the diverse weather conditions of the UK.

Outdoor Fridges Frequently Asked Questions

Outdoor fridges designed for outdoor environments are essential. Unless they have an IP rating, they haven’t been tested for outdoor use, even if they are marketed as “stainless steel” or “commercial.” Be careful when looking at anything you find that says outdoor rated but does not carry an IP tag. Feel free to contact us and double check – we’re always happy to help.

No, it’s important to use fridges designed for outdoor use, we supply only those rated IPX4 or above, outdoor fridges UK models need to be at least that level to stand up to the rain.

Check for a high IP or IPX rating (at least 4) to ensure the fridge, like those from Beefeater and Bull, is suitable for outdoor conditions. There are other brands out there as well but we have never had an issue with either of the two listed which is why we continue to supply and recommend them.

For a luxury outdoor kitchen fridge, Beefeater and Bull are leading brands, known for decent construction, warranty and quality cooling systems. We’ve used both on our installs and have them in our own home setups and they’re great at cooling and withstanding the elements.

What to look for in Outdoor Fridges for UK Gardens

Single Door or Double door

Choosing between a single-door and a double-door outdoor fridge often boils down to space availability and your specific needs. If space is not a constraint, opting for the double door model like the 190L Double Door by Beefeater can be a wise decision. With an RRP of £1,845.00, compared to £1,375.00 for the 120L Single Door by Beefeater, the price difference is not significantly steep considering the space advantages. The additional 70L of space in the double-door variant offers more storage capacity and adds a touch of grandeur to any outdoor kitchen setup. Both models ensure consistent cooling, which is vital for food safety and as importantly maintaining the perfect drinks temperature. So, if your outdoor entertaining space allows, the double-door fridge offers practical benefits and an impressive aesthetic appeal without a significant price increase.

Durable and Weather-Resistant

Bull and Beefeater test all their products to IP standards. It is important to look for an outdoor fridge with a minimum IPX4 rating, meaning it is splash-waterproof. The IPX4 rating indicates that it can withstand rain, especially when installed in an aluminium framing system with a worktop on top like ours.

Outside Fridge Summary:

Outdoor fridges supplied by Clifton Outdoor Kitchens like Beefeater and Bull are not just great-looking appliances but an integral component of a quality outdoor kitchen setup.

When choosing yours make sure that it has been tested to IP standards (look for anything 4 plus) don’t just accept it state outdoor rated.

We sell all of our components alongside our kitchens so if you are after an outdoor fridge or drinks station but not a full kitchen get in touch and we can beat any price you’ve found online.

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