Clifton Outdoor Kitchens

This was a rewarding project to help a client elevate their garden into something more special, to revamp an existing outdoor area into a warm and inviting space for family and friend gatherings. Set against a backdrop of stunning views, the goal was to transform this space into an exceptional spot for entertainment while providing the opportunity for exceptional cooking with ease! 

It’s a great project to be a part of! The client knew exactly what they wanted in terms of look and feel, and utilising our framing system; we could meet the exact dimensions we had to work within to maximise the cooking and entertaining space!

The Kitchen

At the heart of this transformation was the outdoor kitchen, designed to fit perfectly with the space between the pergola to allow it to be shielded.

Equipped with top-of-the-line appliances, a double fridge and ample workspace, it was tailored to make hosting and cooking a breeze. The kitchen layout was thoughtfully planned to offer ease of movement and interaction with guests, enhancing the social aspect of cooking.

Strategically placed to capitalise on the beautiful views, the kitchen wasn’t just a place for meal preparation; it became a scenic focal point. This placement ensured guests could enjoy the beautiful surroundings while socialising and dining.

The Result

The outcome was a brilliant outdoor entertainment space. The pergola created a room of its own, and its changing LED lights make it perfect for nighttime entertaining.

Combining a quality grill with the new Gosney Dome means the client can cover all bases, whether burgers for the masses or pizza night for the family.

In conclusion, this project transformed an ordinary garden into a cosy, sophisticated, inviting space for hosting friends and family. An ideal spot for year-round entertaining!

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