Clifton Outdoor Kitchens

Having been introduced by the master builder on the project, the vision was clear: create a functional outdoor kitchen as a stylish centrepiece that could make the most of the designer’s statement concrete column and sit alongside a new pool house.

This is an absolutely stunning project and the photos really don’t do it justice. The build team led by Steve Chivers delivered a stunning building and our role was to design a kitchen that could hold its own and not get lost in the space.

The Kitchen

Central to our design was the concrete column that sat in the middle of the usable space, and thanks to our fabricating process, the 7000 series Beefeater sat perfectly as the star of the show.

The grill placement was crucial for the aesthetic balance and functionality, giving a clear flow from the sink to raw prep space, grill and serving space.

The layout and materials were vital to achieving the desired look while maximising the storage space. The aluminium framing system was complemented by Dekton surfaces, known for their stunning finish and resilience. These elements, set against the concrete and traditional stone backdrop, created a striking visual contrast.

The Result

The outcome of this project was a stunningly modern and fully functional outdoor kitchen that became the property’s focal point. It tied together the outdoor space, pool, and adjoining yoga studio, creating a cohesive gathering space.

The kitchen’s sleek design and practicality makes it an ideal spot for entertaining and the slab of Dekton that became the upstands, waterfalls and worktops was the showstopper that it needed.

The project showcased our ability to blend style with functionality. The clients were thrilled with the result – a space that was not just a kitchen but a centrepiece that brought together their entire outdoor living area.

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