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A kamado BBQ is a versatile, egg-shaped ceramic grill known for its superior heat retention and even cooking. 

It stands out due to its ability to maintain consistent grilling, smoking, and baking temperatures, making it a favourite among barbecue enthusiasts for its efficiency and flavour-enhancing capabilities.

Sophisticated, Innovative, Durablethe Monolith Kamado BBQs offer exceptional quality and performance, standing out in the market for their advanced features and robust construction. We’ve chosen the Monolith range for its significant upgrades in design and functionality.

  • High-Quality Ceramic Construction: Crafted from premium, non-cracking ceramic, these grills are built to last. Monolith backs this durability with a limited lifetime warranty on all ceramic parts. The unique crackle glaze design adds a distinctive aesthetic touch.
  • Innovative Sealing System: Unlike many grills, Monolith uses stainless steel and fiberglass gaskets that are stapled, not glued, ensuring long-lasting performance even under high heat.
  • Smart Grid System & Firebox: Enhances airflow and heat distribution for precise cooking.
  • Revolutionary Hinge Design: Maintains a perfect seal between the lid and base for consistent cooking temperatures.
  • Vertical Exhaust Top Vent: Prevents condensation and maintains the grill’s pristine condition.
  • Guru Ready Nozzle: Allows easy attachment of a BBQ Guru controller for precise temperature control.
  • Easy Assembly: Quick setup ensures you can start grilling without hassle. Note that larger models are heavy and require assistance to move.

Ranging from the small Icon Kamado table top design to the impressive LeChef catering grade BBQ we can help you pick the best option for your needs. 

“The Monolith Pro Series 2 and Avantgarde, in particular, stand out with the advanced sealing system and smart grid technology! We especially like the design which make them perfect to fit into any outdoor kitchen. We have a Monolith LeChef ourselves having moved away from the ‘famous’ egg and couldn’t be more impressed!”

Shipping & Delivery

Most Monolith grills are heavyweight items, so you really need to think about how to get it into position if ordering for self-setup. Your Kamado will arrive on a pallet with curb-side delivery but we can organise for it to be craned into position with notice just let us know on order.

Information & Ordering

Price Range

£599 – £2,798

Grilling rack of ribs over an open flame on the monolith Kamado BBQ with fire searing as someone uses tongs to turn the meat.
Man in a leather apron standing next to the monolith black kamado BBQ which is closed with side table wings out.
Outdoor dining area with a rustic wooden table set for a meal, surrounded by various sized Monolith ceramic barbecue grills and potted plants.
Monolith Icon kamado grill on a rustic wooden table surrounded by potted plants.