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Argentinian Grills, or Asado, is more than just a method of cooking; it’s a social event that brings families and friends together. Rooted deeply in Argentina’s cultural heritage, Asado involves grilling meat over an open flame, creating a unique and rich flavour. 

At Clifton Outdoor Kitchens, we bring this tradition to your home with our premium range of Argentinian grills.

Our Selection of Argentinian BBQs: We offer two distinct styles of Argentinian grills, each designed to provide an authentic cooking experience while enhancing your outdoor space.

Fire Cage Style Asado Grill

These fire cages are a steel variation of our beloved Argentinian Parillas, designed for traditional Asado-style cooking. Made in the UK, these attractive fire cages are easy to set up and transform any outdoor space.

  • Choose from a  variety of options from the basic fire table to a larger single wheeled or dual non wheeled full height asado cage with additonal feature like smoking cages and rotisseries.
  • Handmade to order from 3mm thick steel in the UK.
  • Distinctly individual from the process of natural oxidation that forms over time giving each fire pit its unique charm.
  • No assembly required.

Heavy Duty Concrete Parilla

Our authentic Argentinian heavy-duty concrete Parillas are the epitome of traditional Asado grill cooking, for durability and superior cooking performance. Imported directly from South America by Binelli, these Parillas are designed for those who seek the true essence of Argentinian BBQ.

  •  Pre-moulded concrete construction for robustness and longevity.
  • Built-in crank handle for adjusting grill height
    Suitable space for a Weber chimney starter or fire basket for faster cooking.
  • Includes a rotisserie and fire basket.
  • Customizable sizes to fit your outdoor space.
  • Heavy-duty construction to withstand high temperatures and extensive use

“We believe that Argentinian cooking is the original heart and soul of outdoor entertaining. Our choice of Argentinian grills brings the rich tradition of Asado to your home,  offering a unique and authentic grilling experience, whatever your budget.

Shipping & Delivery

Our Argentinian Parrillas are shipped directly from Argentina and delivered by pallet. Our UK supplier holds limited stock, so advanced ordering is critical.

Fire cages are handmade in the UK and shipped by pallet to the curb side. Depending on location, we can offer a white-glove service for full installation.

Information & Ordering

Price Range

£1,442 – £4,900

Outdoor barbecue metal firecage grill with wood fire, charcoal bag, and cooking accessories.
Outdoor firecage barbecue grill with a wood fire burning and logs stacked underneath.
Person grilling potatoes over a wood fire on an Argentinian outdoor barbecue grill.
Outdoor kitchen with an Argentinian precast concrete barbecue grill and a black wood-fired oven under an anthrocite metal louvred pergola.
Close-up of a wood fire burning inside an Argentinian barbecue grill.
Outdoor barbecue Argentinian grill with a bull emblem and a fire burning inside.