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Does an Outdoor Kitchen Add Value to a Home in the UK?

Does an Outdoor Kitchen Add Value to a Home in the UK?

While we have always been biased, we now know an outdoor kitchen adds value to UK homes.

Many articles online about outdoor kitchens adding value are written for the US with their statistics, but an article in the Daily Telegraph finally confirmed it.

The British love affair with home and garden has evolved into a full-blown romance with the outdoors. “I don’t understand people who invest heavily in the interior of their property and neglect the exterior when a gorgeous garden makes even the most ordinary house look and feel more desirable,” Joanna Cocking of Hamptons was quoted in the Telegraph article as saying.

How Much Does an Outdoor Kitchen Add Value to a Home in the UK?

Since the lockdown, our homes have become more than just living spaces; they’ve transformed into personal retreats where phrases like ‘staycation’ have a whole new meaning. The idea isn’t just to have a garden; it’s to have an oasis that brings the ‘holiday’ home every day of the week. 

Estate agents suggest that buyers are willing to pay a 5 to 25 per cent premium for gardens that promise year-round usability.

“Ask yourself, ‘What will make me feel like I’m on holiday?'” Cocking suggests. It’s about creating a space that rivals the allure of a weekend at Soho Farmhouse.

So, on a £1,000,000 property, you could attribute between £50,000 and £250,000 to the quality of the garden.

Ultimately, as with outdoor pools, various factors, including location, design, functionality, and maintenance, influence the added value of an outdoor kitchen in the UK.

How Does an Outdoor Kitchen Impact Home Saleability in the UK?

From our experience, the appeal of outdoor kitchens and entertainment spaces lies in their ability to extend living and entertaining spaces, providing a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor environments.

Properties with thoughtfully designed outdoor kitchens often stand out in the market and can attract a broader pool of interested buyers.

Key selling points of homes with outdoor kitchens in the UK include the convenience of outdoor cooking and dining, enhanced entertainment options, and the creation of a relaxing and friendly atmosphere.

Whether it will fundamentally add value is one thing, but saleability is certainly increased over a similar property without!

If you have made it this far, why not book a consultation? We can help you understand the costs and potential your space provides!

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