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What is so special about Outdoor Fridges

What is so special about Outdoor Fridges? The outdoor fridge we install will always need to tick three boxes: look great, have ample storage space and be at least IP4 rated or above. Beefeater and Bull models of outdoor fridges tick all these. In this article we will explain what to look out for and […]

Making a Difference One Tap at a Time

At Clifton Outdoor Kitchens, we want to blend luxury with purpose. That’s why we are thrilled to announce our “One Tap at a Time” initiative to support charity: water, a non-profit organisation dedicated to providing clean, safe drinking water to communities worldwide.

Should I upgrade to the Sonos Move 2?

Is the Sonos Move 2 the best portable outdoor speaker? If you are already in the Sonos ecosystem and want to avoid going the wired route Sonos have produced two incredible portable speakers that are going to surprise you. They’ve significantly dropped the price of the Move 1 to encourage sales of the newly released […]

Outdoor Kitchens: Bristol’s Revolution

As cities evolve, so do the lifestyles of their residents and in Bristol, we have seen a culinary transformation is underway! Bristolians are increasingly embracing outdoor kitchens, creating unique dining experiences that capture the city’s cultural essence and natural beauty. But what is the cause of this outdoor kitchen trend in Bristol and why has […]

The Overlooked Essentials of Outdoor Kitchens

As our understanding of the importance of mental health deepens, there’s a growing trend among homeowners to pivot towards outdoor living, not just as a summer luxury but as a conscious lifestyle choice. Our customers don’t just want a BBQ spot for the warm months. They want an authentic and consistent connection with the outdoors, an escape from the confines of indoor spaces