Clifton Outdoor Kitchens

Introducing our premium selection of outdoor fridges, specifically designed to enhance your outdoor kitchen experience. Made to withstand the elements and maintain optimal performance in various weather conditions, our outdoor fridges are a perfect blend of durability, functionality, and style. 

Unlike standard indoor fridges, our outdoor-rated models are engineered to handle the rigors of outdoor use, ensuring your food and drinks remain fresh and cool all year round.

Why Choose an Outdoor Fridge?

Using a regular indoor fridge outdoors will lead to poor performance, quicker wear and tear, and serious safety hazards. 

Outdoor fridges are built with enhanced insulation, durable materials, and advanced cooling systems to cope with fluctuating temperatures, sunlight and even rain!

Their robust construction and weather-resistant features make them an essential addition to any outdoor kitchen setup. Plus with the options of glass fronted or stainless steel you can get whatever style suits you best!

We’re shocked by the number of brands that sell ‘outdoor fridges’ that aren’t, and there’s a critical distinction from a safety perspective. We’ve specifically only chosen products that have stood up to years of outdoor UK weather and come with guarantees to back that up. An often overlooked but extremely visable component that often finishes the look of the outdoor kitchen or bar.

Shipping & Delivery

We hold all of our outdoor-rated fridges in stock, so we will agree on a delivery date upon ordering. Our outdoor fridges are shipped by pallet to curb-side

Information & Ordering

Price Range

£1,100 – £2,450

Bull Outdoor Fridge with a handleless door on a transparent background.
Bull BBQ stainless steel outdoor rated fridge on a transparent background with horizonta handle.
Beefeaters double door glass fronted outdoor rated fridge stacked with drinks on a transparent background.