Clifton Outdoor Kitchens

Clifton Outdoor Kitchens are proud to present a range of firepits that stand the test of time. Made by skilled hands in rural Wales these fire pits are built from heavy gauge steel, thick enough to withstand all weather conditions,  and testament to durability and design. 

Our fire pits are designed not just to be functional but to age beautifully. The natural rust that forms over time is not a defect but a badge of individuality, giving each fire pit its unique charm. Despite the natural discolouration, our products maintain their structural integrity and continue to deliver warmth and joy for years to come.

What sets these fire pits apart is the innovative Swing Arm BBQ Rack. Designed for those who love to cook over wood (much like us), the Swing Arm provides control over the cooking process. These removable and interchangeable arms transform your fire pit into a versatile cooking station. Whether it’s the warmth you seek or the joy of outdoor cooking, our fire pits with the Swing Arm BBQ Racks are the ideal choice for both.

As these fire pits are handmade from sheet steel, which naturally has its unique blemishes, slight variations in forging and finish are part of the charm. These variations, along with the weathering effect of steel, contribute to the character of each piece, making it truly one-of-a-kind.

Choosing one of these products means investing in quality, design, and durability. Our fire pits are available in a wide range of sizes from our version of small at 80cm to XXL 120cm. Simply choose the perfect option to fill your space. You can also add on various other options to enhance your cooking further if needed.

“A quality fire pit is by far the easiest and most effective piece of outdoor equipment to transform the way you use your garden. Affordable yet impactful, a fire pit creates a central gathering point and can double as a quality wood fired BBQ with these nifty add-ons.”

Shipping & Delivery

These fire pits are hand-made in the UK so at very busy times of the year may take up to four weeks to ship. We’ll let you know at the point of order stock levels and timescales to ship to you.

Information & Ordering

Price Range

£219 – £1,000

Black metal firepit with swing arm BBQ attachement. The fire pit is in a green garden environment with lit coals.
Sheet steel round firepit, weathered in situ in a garden of stone flooring and red flowers.. The firepit it lit with a fire in full effect in the background of red flowers.
Large black metal fire pit with 4 swing arms for BBQing all loaded with food over the coals. Backdrop is in front of a house within a garden.
A brand new empty black metal fire pit with 4 swin arm grills in the setting of a field.
Classic 90cm black metal fire pit with 3 swing arms cooking food on a garden patio.
Black firepit with a fire burning well. With a pile of logs next to the fire pit the setting is the countryside in Autumn