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Should I upgrade to the Sonos Move 2?

Is the Sonos Move 2 the best portable outdoor speaker?

If you are already in the Sonos ecosystem and want to avoid going the wired route Sonos have produced two incredible portable speakers that are going to surprise you.

They’ve significantly dropped the price of the Move 1 to encourage sales of the newly released Move 2. 

We’re going to start with the summary: We recommend getting two Move 1 speakers for the cost of the Move 2.

  • As this will be outdoors for cooking, entertaining or family meals, the upgraded battery life of 24 hours is unnecessary (from 11).
  • The new Google Voice integration on the Move 2 is only relevant to those with a Google Home setup (Alexa and Sonos Voice are present on the Move 1).
  • The ability to connect Bluetooth while simultaneously connecting to WiFi is only relevant to those using it in a hybrid connection setup, which, in our experience, is rare outdoors.

With all that said and done, the Sonos Move 2 does have upgrades over its predecessor in sound performance. They’ve refreshed the top and given a new colour option, but we love the standard black or white.

They look great, fit into any outdoor kitchen setup and can withstand the UK elements so if money is not an object (and you can’t/won’t go wired) then a pair of Move 2 will power your summer entertaining. 

Sound Quality Upgrades

Priced at £449, it’s slightly more expensive than the original Move (now reduced to £249). Still, it justifies this with superior stereo sound capabilities with three amplifiers and dual tweeters over two amps and a single tweeter in the Move 1, which gives a richer, more immersive audio experience. 

Audiophiles will be better off with a wired solution, but if that is not possible, the Move 2 is the better solution with enhanced stereo sound, a wider soundstage and cleaner vocals, but for many of us, we can’t tell.

Enhanced Connectivity and Extended Battery Life

The Sonos Move 2 has wifi 6 (more stable and faster) and Bluetooth 5.0 (better range and clarity) for seamless streaming and a notable improvement in battery life – up to 24 hours compared to the original Move’s 11 hours. 

The USB-C functionality adds the ability to charge, which can be massively beneficial in an outdoor kitchen without enough sockets, especially if you use the latest iPhone or Android models! 

Voice Control and Upgrade Considerations

With comprehensive voice control support, including Sonos Voice, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant, the Move 2 offers an enhanced user experience over the original Move, which lacks Google Assistant support. However, the decision to upgrade depends on individual needs. 

If the latest tech and extended features are a priority, the Move 2 is an excellent choice. It remains a viable option for those satisfied with the original Move’s performance, especially considering Sonos’ commitment to providing long-term support. 

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