Clifton Outdoor Kitchens

This outdoor kitchen has it all, even down to its original artwork! The brief was to ensure enough storage space for their equipment and workspace for pizza prep, and we could “drench the kitchen in colour”!

The colour-matched green Delivita pizza oven with the aluminium doors went together in this really fun kitchen. The client already had a mini and XL big green egg and wanted an entertaining space to accommodate various cooking processes while being able to upgrade and make changes in the future.

The Kitchen

In tackling the narrow dimensions of the undercover area, our design strategy was centred on optimising space without sacrificing functionality.

Our clients emphasised the need for a design that could be updated in the future or added to, and as our doors are interchangeable, the choices are unlimited, and upgrades can be made in minutes, which can completely change the look and feel of the space.

A central design feature was the client’s inclusion of outdoor artwork; this was a first for us, and we elevated the space and made the most of the vast walls. The colour choice matched the Delivita to complement the cupboard doors and the client’s existing two Big Green Eggs.

The Result

The transformation of this previously unloved carport into an outdoor kitchen was a resounding success. 

Upgrading the existing structure, bringing better lighting and infrared heat has meant it’s become a year-round, weatherproof cooking space that the family can all enjoy for quick meals or elaborate cooking sessions.

Our framing system means that as designs or plans change in the future either the door fronts can be swapped for other colours or materials.

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