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How much to spend on an outdoor kitchen depends on your needs, preferences, space and budget. Clifton Outdoor Kitchens offers a range of options, from DIY solutions and simple setups to bespoke outdoor kitchens and entertaining areas. Generally, the cost is influenced by size, choice of materials, appliances, and the complexity of the design. Prices start from £10,000 for an installed kitchen with BBQ grill, sink and fridge.

While not necessary, given how our outdoor kitchens are built, covering your kitchen will protect it from the UK’s unpredictable weather but, more importantly, will increase its usability throughout the year. We supply and install a range of cost-effective pergola options and have partners nationwide who build bespoke wooden structures for our clients.

Modular outdoor kitchens are pre-designed units that can be configured in various ways to fit your space. They offer flexibility and are often more cost-effective and time-efficient than fully bespoke designs.

High-quality, weather-resistant materials, professional-grade appliances, custom design, and installation services drive the cost of outdoor kitchens. They are built to withstand outdoor elements and provide a long-lasting, enjoyable cooking experience.

Indoor kitchen cupboards are not suitable for outdoor use. Outdoor kitchens require materials that can withstand weather exposure. At Clifton Outdoor Kitchens, we use materials specifically designed for outdoor durability and performance that won’t rust or degrade.

Outdoor kitchens are constructed from robust materials like aluminium, weatherproof composites and stone. These materials are chosen for their durability and resistance to weather conditions.

Yes, an outdoor kitchen can be enclosed. This involves considering additional factors like ventilation, heating, and more robust weatherproofing. Enclosures can range from simple screened pergolas to fully insulated spaces.

The “best” outdoor kitchen varies, but to be the best, it has to give you precisely what you need and nothing you don’t (which incidentally is our mantra!) and be well constructed with long-lasting materials that will stand up to the elements and the cooking. It should align with your cooking style, space, and budget. At Clifton Outdoor Kitchens, we focus on bespoke designs to fit each client’s unique requirements perfectly.

Outdoor kitchens are designed to be weather-resistant, with waterproof materials and construction methods used to protect against the UK’s rain, frost and snow. Water is extremely good at always finding a way, so the inside of any cupboard cannot be guaranteed 100% moisture free but are designed to stand up to the elements. For this reason, indoor kitchen cupboards shouldn’t be used outside, even under cover.

The cost varies widely depending on size, materials, and appliances. A basic DIY setup might start from a few thousand pounds; our entry kitchen is £8,000, while a luxury outdoor kitchen will cost significantly more.

Yes but only when designed and built around you! An outdoor kitchen can also add value to your property and increase its saleability. We are biased, but our clients tell us it provides entertaining space and brings family and friends together.

The disadvantages are limited but include the initial investment needed. The primary disadvantage, especially in terms of cost, would be underusing the space or appliances if not planned carefully and according to your lifestyle.

Depending on what you add to your kitchen, you must consider the foundations you are starting with, especially when a Parilla can weigh 1000kg. Often, when we are brought in, we will be landscaping and will install a reinforced concrete slab to run the length of the kitchen run. You don’t necessarily need a concrete slab with a specific depth, like for a garden room, but a stable and level foundation is crucial for the safety and longevity of an outdoor kitchen.

If building a DIY outdoor kitchen is not an option, opting for a modular system or a simple design with essential appliances is the most cost-effective approach. Re-using existing grills, structures or materials can also reduce costs.

Planning permission depends on the size and scope of the project. For most simple outdoor kitchens, it’s not required, but it’s advisable to check with your local council, especially if you plan significant structural changes.

We’ve got an entire article (and one of our most visited pages) on this topic, but in short, you need a durable, weather-resistant material like granite, sintered stone, stainless steel, or sealed concrete. These can withstand the UK’s varied climate while maintaining their appearance. Quartz is an option that is often suggested, but we recommend against it as it does discolour from the small amount of sun we get. How to Choose the Best Outdoor Kitchen Worktop 

Yes, Clifton Outdoor Kitchens integrates wood-fired ovens into a lot of designs. Whether it’s a wood-fired pizza oven or a bespoke grill, we can accommodate any live-fire solution you can think of!

A bar area is an excellent addition to your outdoor kitchen, offering space for drinks and casual dining. It’s often a great way of ensuring that the outdoor ‘chef’ isn’t left operating the grill alone, and we can easily tailor bars to fit your specific design and space.

While not mandatory for all designs, you will need power if you want refrigeration and many grills and smokers now need electric hookups. Beyond the appliances, having electrical outlets will increase functionality, so we install pop-up sockets in most of our kitchens. We have teams of various trades, or you can work with your suppliers, but our project managers can handle everything, and you won’t need to organise anyone.

Yes, a well-designed and constructed outdoor kitchen can enhance your home’s appeal and increase its market value by as much as 20%. We wrote a blog article on the topic here: Does an outdoor kitchen add value to your home in UK

The cost of a covered outdoor kitchen depends on the size, materials, and complexity of the covering structure. A metal pergola with retractable sides and a louvred roof starts at around £3000, and we have incorporated them into various garden designs to great effect. For a bespoke timber structure with a slate roof, you should expect to spend around £10,000, but it widely depends on the size.

In the UK, the average price can range from around £8,000 for straight forward setups to £20,000 to £30,000 for a bespoke luxury outdoor kitchen including pizza oven and grills. The cost varies considerably based on individual specifications and requirements.


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Our Outdoor Kitchen Process

Phone Consultation

The process begins with a phone consultation to understand your plans and timescales better so we can connect you with the right team.

Onsite Meeting

After we've understood what you are planning or hoping to achieve, we will arrange a site visit to photograph, measure, and discuss some initial options.​


If you like how things are progressing, we will move to the design phase, giving you 3D renders to better visualise how the finished kitchen will look.​


We will liaise with all the relevant contractors needed and act as the primary point of contact for your installation and build.​

Hand Over

At the end of the project, we will complete the handover process, having removed all the mess, tested everything and walked you through the appliances, kitchen and any insider tips that could be useful.​