Clifton Outdoor Kitchens

Our exclusive collection of BBQ pizza ovens are handpicked from our favourite outdoor kitchen builds. Each oven in our collection has been selected for its efficiency and ability to create the best pizza’s outdoors as well as their differing designs. 

Fun, Versatile, and Stylish, our pizza ovens offer the perfect solution for every outdoor kitchen, from large wood-fired setups to compact, more portable options. We’ve handpicked a diverse selection to ensure you find the ideal fit for your pizza night needs.

Movelar Authentic Portuguese Oven

This textured black wood-fired oven is a unique statement piece from Portugal and will take pride of place in any garden.

  • Double opening 304 stainless steel door with ventilation door thermometer
  •  304 stainless steel smoke exhaust system (150mm diameter)
  •  Interior base for supporting 2 large skewers
  •  Inside: refractory ceramic in a single-piece layer
  •  Outside: thermal insulated with cellular concrete, mineral wool, and cork finish
  • Available as the 100 Large: 100x100x80h or the 120 Extra Large: 120x120x85h
  • Contact us for shipping and installation advice due to size and volume. We’ll guide you on ordering, care, and maintenance.

DeliVita Pizza Oven Range

These artisan ovens bring the charm of Italy to your garden yet are handcrafted in Yorkshire. They create perfect pizzas rapidly and are easily transportable!

  • Options: Available as both gas or wood-fired pizza oven options in 4 different colours.
  • Portable and Versatile: The unique tabletop design makes transporting your wood-fired or gas oven easier.
  • Restaurant Quality Results: Heats up in just 25 minutes to deliver perfect, restaurant-quality pizzas and more every time.

Bull Stainless Steel Pizza Ovens

The Bull Commercial Style Stainless Steel pizza oven is a sleek modern option with a more industrial feel.

  • Italian Craftsmanship: Made in Italy with Grade 304 Stainless Steel and reinforced with 6mm corten refractory plates.
  • Dual Fuel Options: Wood-fired and gas models are available to suit your cooking preferences.
  • Superior Design: This model features a brushed stainless steel top and a 14kWh stainless tubular burner (gas option) for efficient cooking.

“Our homemade BBQ pizza nights are a cherished part of our family culture, enjoyed year-round. We understand how crucial a well-functioning pizza oven is for creating perfect pizzas, especially when children are involved. Our chosen range of pizza ovens reflects our passion for quality and design, ensuring you can create memorable and delicious pizza nights with your loved ones.” 

Shipping & Delivery

Our wood-fired pizza ovens from Delivita are handmade in the UK so stock levels at busy intervals can change rapidly. At the point of order, we will agree on a delivery date.

Our extra large single-piece pizza ovens require specialist lifting equipment in addition to delivery from Portugal, so shipping and installation are likely to take three to four weeks.

Information & Ordering

Price Range

£1,595 – £5,700

Delivita Emerald Green wood fired pizza oven on a stainless steel table with a fire burning inside.
Wood fired pizza oven from Delvita in purple Berry colour sat on top of a rustic table top stacked with wood ready for lighting.
Grey Pizza oven sat on a wooden table top in the garden with a plate of food to one side and fired burning inside
The Bull stainless steel BBQ pizza oven on a stainless steel stand on a transparent background
Black Tuozi Wood Fired Pizza Oven on its movable black trolley in a garden using the pull out front tray to hold food ready for cooking.
Large Tuozi wood fired oven being opened by a person as a fire is roaring inside. The oven stand on its moveable metal stand,