Clifton Outdoor Kitchens

Our project began with a simple vision: to take a corner of the garden and recreate the authentic home cooking experience of Argentina. Our clients wanted a Parilla that wasn’t just a grill but a center-piece for large gatherings and serious cooking.

I absolutely loved being a part of this project. From the outset the client knew exactly what they wanted but hadn’t been able to find it in the UK. The parilla looks like a piece of artwork in the garden and the 1-ton wood-fired oven sits perfectly alongside it! 

The Kitchen

Sourced directly from Argentina, the Binelli parilla we chose is more than a grill; it’s a symbol of Argentine culinary tradition.

Designed to cater to large gatherings, this parilla promises not only an immersive cooking experience but also a gathering point for friends and family.

To complement the parilla, we handpicked a wood fired oven from Portugal that was known for its exceptional heat retention. Weighing a ton and measuring a solid meter by meter, this oven was a marvel in itself, requiring specialised equipment to be meticulously placed!

The Result

The team did a phenomenal job as this installation process needed a masterclass in precision, timing and care.

Having levelled the ground we laid a concrete pad to support the weight of these culinary giants (2 ton in total), and erected a 6m by 4m pergola complete with screens on all sides. 

With a wood fired oven from southern Portugal and the Parilla from Argentina this was as authentic as you can get. 

We took a corner of the garden that had seen little use and turned it into a little piece of Buenos Aires. 


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