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The Best BBQ Presents for Dad (or to treat yourself!)

If you’re wondering why it’s so hard to come up with gifts for dad, you’re not alone. In fact, you’re in the majority. In Psychology Today, Dr. Kit Yarrow explains why fathers never want to tell you what they want. It’s because they see themselves as providers, and “better givers than takers.”
So when you try to pry for ideas and get the ubiquitous “you don’t have to get me anything” response, don’t despair.
While we can’t help you with an “ultimate list of gifts for dad,” we do know our way around a grill. We’ve put together a list of the best BBQ presents for dad, for those of you looking to treat the grill-master in your life.

The ultimate BBQ Presents for Dad: Kamado-Style Grill

Looking to go big for a Father’s Day or for an extra special birthday? Kamado-style grill is a perfect way to show dad some appreciation. Kamado grills are great for grilling, smoking, and baking, making them a versatile addition to any BBQ enthusiast’s gear set.
We like this highly-rated model from Monolith. It’s also the most expensive on our list, with options starting at £600.

Kamado Rotisserie Attachment

Whether they have a Big Green Egg, Kamado Joe or Monolith a rotisserie attachment is a BBQ gift guarantee to delight Dad! For many years Kamado Joe were ahead of the pack with their attachments and BGE owners were left out in the cold but they’ve finally released their own version.

Don’t be tempted to go for unnamed brands when it comes to the rotisserie as the motor and the fit are both critical. You don’t want to be loaded up on your spit to find the gears unable to turn the weight!

Electric Smoker

If smoked meats are your dad’s specialty, an electric smoker is the way to go.  Traeger makes one of the most well-rated electric smokers. And at a modest £250, it’s one of the best BBQ presents for dad you can buy.

Artisanal Smoking Wood

If he already has a smoker, why not go for some high-quality smoking wood to up his culinary game?

Cutting Edge Firewood offers a selection of different woods. They also have a guide on their website for selecting the right wood for your recipe. So you can impress dad with your refined grilling knowledge.

Himalayan Salt Block for the Grill

This beautiful Himalayan salt block makes a statement on the grill.

It’s perfect for adding subtle flavors to your food. And it’s especially great for grilling delicate seafood.

Cast Iron Grill Press

A cast iron grill press is essential for evenly cooking smaller cuts of meat. It’s also a great way to quickly add a sear for when dad’s slinging burgers on overdrive at your next big cook-out.

This press from Williams Sonoma combines function and form with its sleek, no-frills design.

Smart Thermometer

For the tech-geek dad, the new smart thermometer by MEATER the Meater2 is now out and sure to impress. It connects to your phone and will give you exact cook times based on the cut of meat and how well-done you want it.

Grill, oven, smoker—however you like to cook—with this thermometer you can set it and rest assured you’ll end up with a superb finished product.

Knife Sharpener

Every good chef knows the importance of a well-sharpened knife. But even the best of us will let a knife go too long without sharpening.

Don’t get us wrong—we love a good old-fashioned knife block. But you can’t beat this rapid steel action sharpener from F. Dick.

It’s great for quickly putting a sharp edge back on your blade. You know, for those days you’re not quite in the mood for “Zen and the Art of Kitchen Knife Maintenance.”

Quality Tongs

Oxo make some fantastic kitchen products and having been on the hunt for many years we’ve settled on their tongs as being the best of the bunch. The right length for getting around the grill with a stay closed mechanism in the handle. 

These are simply engineered to work well!


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